Superstition ARC, Mesa, AZ

Some Important Information from the Club:

If you are not receiving Communications from the club:

PLEASE send an email to if you are NOT receiving the Newsletter, or regular bulletins from the club in your email. If you are receiving communications and feel that there is too much coming your way from the club, also please drop us an email.

It WILL get taken care of. John, WX4LTG will see to it that your needs are met.

Repeater Status

147.12 Back On But Not Linked

We have placed the 147.12 Bridgecomm Repeater on air at the Stone Castle on a temporary basis. At the moment there are some desense issues and it is not easily accessed. These issues ARE being worked out as we await the frequency coordinator's approval of our move to Usery Pass. Its audio quality is, as is to be expected out of new equipment, very good.

449.60 and EchoLink KB7KWK-L

Our repeaters are NOT linked at this time, and all club nets are on the 449.60 repeater, which is linked to KB7KWK-L EchoLink. This repeater is sounding very good as of the last-heard Wednesday night net.

Moving Forward

We have signed the lease agreement for the Usery Pass co-location of our VHF and UHF repeaters. We are awaiting frequency coordination before we make the move to the mountain pass.

What to expect

We will have excellent coverage out of the Usery Pass site for Mesa and points west, also good coverage to the southeast down the Old West Highway portion of US 60 from Gold Canyon to Florence Junction, also along SR 79 down to Florence.

We will have poor coverage south to Queen Creek and to the east, but we can develop plans as money comes available to cover these areas from the Stone Castle, as one way around this issue.

We are working hard to pull this plan together.

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Some important information from the Superstition ARC