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2015 Activities

Every month, third Saturday

SOTA (Summits On The Air): Members are invited to go out each month with Brian Betz, W7JET, to activate one of many of Ariaona's Summits. It requires some hiking to activate a Summit, but anyone may participate in one way or another. See Brian for details.

In activating a Summit, Arizona's branch of Summits On The Air defines the activation zone to be within 80 vertical feet of the actual peak of the summit. Radio operation mus be from within that zone, but the antennas may fall outside the summit activation zone.

One must climb 100 vertical feet on foot, with all radio gear and batteries needed to operate from the summit, to reach the summit activation zone. For more details than is offered in this short summary please see Rule 1.3 in [ this PDF document..

Rvery June, 4th Weekend: ARRL Field Day

Many mistakenly call it “the last weekend in June,” and that may hold true much of the time, but not when June has five full weekends. ARRL Field Day is always, always, always on the fourth weekend of June.

Every July: Private Club Party at Organ Stop Pizza

For 2015, it is on July 11 at noon. We are asking $8 at the door in 2015.

In 2015, the club will use K7K as its callsign in a contest-style Field Day.


October 11-12 Arizona QSO Party

Plans are forming to do a group event nearby in conjunction with the Arizona QSO Party.  The QSO Party runs Saturday the 11th from 9 AM until 11 PM, then again Sunday the 12th from 7 AM until conclusion at 5 PM, Arizona time.

Arizona QSO Party is on between 1600 UTC Saturday through 0600 UTC Sunday, then resumes at 1400 UTC through conclusion at midnight UTC Sunday.

The 2014 Arizona QSO Party Rules are at:

Dualband Vertical antenna build October 18

An antenna build party is scheduled for 8 AM at the home of Steve, KB7KWK, on Saturday, October 18.  It was set back a week because of the Arizona QSO Party outing being planned.  Please RSVP Vice President Steve, N7CPU by October 10 so he can order the needed parts on time.  This class is free of charge to club members.



Superstition SuperFest Saturday, December 6, Mesa, AZ

Please visit the interactive web site to buy tickets online for the main prize drawing.

Christmas Dinner Tuesday December 9, Golden Corral

The club Christmas Dinner falls on the second Tuesday at the Golden Corral, up on Power Rd west side, south of McKellips.


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