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Class Announcements

Technician Class Amateur Radio License Class October 4, 2014

Arizona Science Center -- Bob Burleson, KG7QJ teaches a class at the Arizona Science Center October 4.  Fall Technician Class (flyer) begins October 4 at Arizona Science Center.

"Ham Radio License Manual" Revised Third Edition

Required text "Ham Radio License Manual" Revised 3rd Edition, will be available from the instructors at the first class for $25.  If you register after the order is placed for the books, you may still shop locally and get the book from Ham Radio Outlet or Fry's Electronics.  Be careful, that you get only the Third Edition.

For information:


Other Classes information sites:

Other classes may be available at

ARRL Link for Classes

Visit ARRLWeb:  Find an Amateur Radio Class in Your Area for class information posted on the national website of the ARRL to search for upcoming classes in your area.

In addition to that resource, I appreciate you sending me local Phoenix-area, and especially Mesa, AZ area class information so that I may keep this page up-to-date.

Two Mesa-area class providers' Contact info

   * Lawrence M. Randall, KA7UIH
Larry is presently recuperating from health issues, 
but desires to become active once again with teaching classes.  
Wish you speedy recovery! -- Dated 9/15/2014
   * Bob Burleson, KG7QJ

If you don't see it here, and you don't see it on the ARRL site, feel free to drop an email to request further plans for classes.

Send me class information

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