Audio from Flagstaff School Contact May 24, 2012

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Audio from Flagstaff ISS School Contact

Ken, KF7DUR, lead technician working on an ISS contact with Northland Prep. Academy in Flagstaff May 24, 2012, met with some success, as heard here in Mesa.

Ken explained that the International Space Station has a good strong signal back here on the ground, and said he would run 500 watts into a directional array that will be tracking the ISS by computer.  In the ten minutes allotted to his group, he hoped to get some 22 questions by students answered by the astronauts and cosmonauts aboard the space station orbiting the planet.

Ken also said there is an APRS system running most of the time on the Space Station, that is accessible by ground-based amateur operators.

MP3 Audio from NA1SS

The pass began before I had the recorder in place, so we hear NA1SS establishing contact with me handling the recorder, but the audio quality greatly improves as I get the recorder next to the speaker.

We had fades in and out as the space station passed overhead through some nulls in the overhead antenna pattern of a 2 meter gain vertical, designed to place maximum signal reception from the horizon.

NA1SS, transmitting on 145.800, was best heard first on 145.805, then 146.800 then 145.795 MHz as the space station departed.  The file was edited to remove empty spaces between NA1SS transmissions, together with some noisy transmissions before the Q-and-A session began.

There are a few transmissions that were fairly noisy,but many were very readable, and overall, the information being passed from the astronaut was quite interesting!

Questions likely asked to elicit the answers

  • What time do you go to bed and what time do you get up?
  • Are solar flares a hazard?
  • Why do you do science experiments in space?
  • Do you like it aboard the space station?
  • Relating to bugs and quarrantine
  • Do you recycle your bath water?

Over all,there are some sixteen questions answered on this recording.

I recorded this using the Drake UV3, (FM) and receiving on a Comet 2x4 Max dual-band vertical up 30 feet.

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