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The Officers and Board of Directors run the day-to-day business of the club, and are open to suggestions from the membership.

We elect a new Board and a set of Officers every year in November, and they take office in January.  The selection process begins with formation of a Nominating Committee in September.  This committee works up a slate of candidates to be presented in October, and the Membership may nominate folks at October's meeting.  The nominees are then placed on a ballot to be voted in November's meeting.

We need to fill the seats of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, plus seven seats on the Board of Directors.

The newly-elected Board takes office in January of the following year for a one-year term.


Officers, Board and Committees

Officers and Board

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The Constitution and By-Laws

Please see:  The Constitution and By-Laws

Board Meetings, General Meetings and Home

Please see the Meetings tab for current meeting information.  It has been completely redone.

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