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Classified Ad Listings

For Sale:  LDG AT-200 Pro ll Autotuner

LDG AT-200 Pro ll Autotuner.  Like new, no scratches and no wear on the buttons.  Seldom used.

Power cord and manual included.  $165.00

Contact Phil K7TTI at 520-827-7382 or I will return all calls/emails.

Expires January 1, 2015

Looking to Buy a Kenwood microphone

Looking to buy either a Kenwood MC 50 or MC 60 for my TS-830S.

Please contact Please contact Rickey Lynn 602-882-9747

Expires December 1, 2014

Club Members may Advertise here

Club members may advertise here

Advertise here any for-sale or wanted items relating to amateur radio.

Please give your name, and contact information as you wish it displayed.

Your ad expires first day of the month following a full calendar month's viewing.

By example, this notice was an ad posted sometime in July of 2013, it ran the full month of August 2013 and carries the following expiration date:

Expires Sept 1, 2013

Superstition ARC Members Advertise Here

Sell your Amateur Radio gear here.

I have for sale a Major Cartoon HF Transceiver, immaculate condition, Microphone and Computer Interface included.  Complete with Manual.

Home for Sale, 75-foot Tower included.  Great neighborhood.

I am in need of an Awpf Sputt-tt Model FAP! transceiver that covers 40 meters.

Pictures are worth a thousand words.  Picture file sizes of less than 2 Megabytes will be posted, others will be reduced and then posted.

Superstition Amateur Radio Club Members, This Is Your Space.

Please contact Larry, WB7C in our contact page to place your ad.

Your ad, if posted sometime in March 1971, will run the full month of April and carry an expiration date of May 1, 1971.

Expires May 1, 1971

Placing Classified Ads

Superstition Amateur Radio Club members are invited to place classified advertising here on the club site for amateur radio-related equipment and station accessories.  Please submit Classified Ads to the Web Site Admin, whose address appears on Our Contact Page in the sidebar menu on the left.

Club Held Harmless

Classified Ad Transactions are conducted between the Buyer and Seller directly. The Club shall not act in any way as an agent of either the Buyer or Seller beyond the posting of advertising on this page.  Nor shall the Club be held responsible in any way for any product claims represented by the advertiser, nor for any losses incurred by any party relying on this page.

For How Long an Ad Runs

We will post your ad for the remainder of the month that it first appears, and the entire following month.  It will therefore run for at least one month, and up to two months, depending on how early in the month it was posted.  It will carry an expiration date of the first of the second following month.  (For example: Post in June, run through July and expire August 1.)

If You Need It Changed or Pulled

If you need it changed, or if you need it pulled (you've sold out) or if you need it extended, please reference the ad in your email and let us know ahead of expiration time, and we will be happy to change it, pull it or extend it for another month.  The ad will be listed in the Table of Contents at the top of the page, and will carry an expiration date at the end of the ad copy.

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