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Several Nets are associated with The Superstition Amateur Radio Club.  Please consider joining us, we won't disappoint.

Superstition ARC Nets

The Superstition ARC Nets run on the club repeater system:

  • 147.12 in northeast Mesa Links to 449.60 full time;
  • 449.60 in northeast Mesa Links to 147.12 full time;
  • EchoLink via KB7KWK-L links to the repeater system full time.
    • EchoLink timeout timer settings:
      1. On the Timing tab in Setup, both Receive and Transmit timers exceed 200 seconds "out of the box."
      1a. Receive timer should be adjusted to 0 (zero) to provide unlimited receive time, especially if you intend to listen to Amateur Radio Newsline on Saturday or Thursday nights.
      1b. Transmit time should be limited to less than 178 seconds.  You will time out before you time the link out, and the link is set to 178 seconds to avoid timing the repeater out (180 seconds).


DriveTime Net Monday through Friday 147.12 FM

The DriveTime Net runs at 7 AM till 8 AM every weekday morning on the 147.12/449.60/449.20 repeater system

From 7 AM till 8 AM Monday through Friday, join us during your commute as we tickle your knowledge of obscure facts and trivia.



Starting March 3rd, 2014, the national history net will be moving to Monday night at 7pm

Sunday night at 8 PM:  "NATIONAL HISTORY NET"

The purpose of this net is to practice using our equipment in a directed manner and to have fun in the process.  That is why we are having a Q & A session about our nation's history and government.  Hence the name NATIONAL HISTORY NET.  All answers to the questions that we ask the participants of this net are taken directly from historic documents such as The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution of the United States, the Federalist Papers and other sources that are not disputed or subject to revisionism.

Due to the nature of our subject matter, some folks may be tempted to inject political ideology and/or worldview.  Please don't.  The goal here is to discuss historic fact, not opinion.  Some discussion of politics may, at times, be appropriate, but only if it is relevant to the question or to the answer.  We should always be mindful of the purpose and unique ability of the amateur radio service to promote good will and conduct ourselves accordingly.

Net control is J.D., KF7VOX.  The National History Net will run on the 147.12 and 449.60 repeaters together with KB7KWK-L EchoLink.

Wednesday Night Net

This is the club's senior net, started in the late 1970's.

The net starts at 8 PM on 147.12, 449.60 and EchoLink on KB7KWK-L.  This is the Superstition Amateur Radio Club Net where club news, announcements about club activities and events can be heard.

This is the place to ask questions and receive answers.  If you need answers to issues relating to your station, there are usually a few Elmers around who can assist you with the answers.

This is the place to come and ask questions about pending club activities, and offer what you might like to see the club do.

The net has been restructured around these themes, and has jettisoned Amateur Radio Newsline to make time for the give-and-take centered around club activities, Elmering and the like.  Newsline will air on Saturdays at 6 PM and Thursdays at 7:20 PM on the repeater system.  AR Newsline for details

John, KD8PC is usually your Net Control on Wednesdays, with Steve, KB7KWK, President of the club, serving as backup.

  • An EchoLink note:  Please see the EchoLink note above about timeout timers.

Thursday Amateur Radio Newsline at 7:20 PM
on 147.12, 449.60, EchoLink

Amateur Radio Newsline can be heard online from the Amateur Radio Newsline website.

The Club is planning a Swap net between 7 PM and 8 PM Thursdays.

The Thursday Nite Rag Chew 28.465 MHz Voice

New Frequency for the net, down from 28.470 to 28.465, to avoid a birdie from Prism TV at N7JJK's QTH.

  • We talk about everything under the sun, and there are no exceptions as long as everything meets FCC Regulations.
  • 28.465 MHz USB at 8:00 PM on 10m

Jeff, N7JJK is Net Control for "The Thursday Nite Rag Chew."

The net is open to check-ins from across the country if propagation permits.  Steve,KY7W did take the net for awhile from Jeff, N7JJK, who ran the net since 2005.

This net began in 1986 on 28.712 MHz, as the Superstition ARC 10 meter Net, and was created by Larry, WB7CRK, and moved to 28.470 in 1987 as a cross-band net when the Novice band was opened on ten meters.  Larry had to relinquish the net in 2005.  The net originally ran at 7:30 PM with Amateur Radio Newsline at the beginning as a complement to the 2m Wednesday night net which ran Newsline at the end.

During the net's run on 28.712, it was surprising to learn how often the band opened to nearby Reno, Nevada, with a Ten-Ten chapter net on 28."Seven come eleven" (28.711 MHz).  Then on 29.470, we shared the frequency with a net out of Montana that was 1/2 hour different starting time from ours, and with Montana's observance of Daylight Savings Time, sometimes these two nets overlapped.

Saturday at 6 PM:  Amateur Radio Newsline

Newsline runs at 6 PM Saturdays in front of the code practice net on 147.12 and 449.60 club repeaters, and KB7KWK-L EchoLink.  This is the first-run of Newsline, which usually is released on Fridays.  It will be run again every Thursday at 7:20 PM over the repeater and EchoLink, ahead of the Ten Meter Net which starts at 8 PM on 28.470 MHz.

There will be times when Newsline cannot be played on Saturdays, in which case it will air the following Thursday at 7:20 PM,  Two such occasions that come to mind are the weekend of ARRL Field Day and the weekend of the Superstition SuperFest hamfest.  Newsline staff has in the past delayed the release of the report, which may make it unavailable for our Saturday evening scheduled airtime, in which case it will air on Thursday.

Newsline is produced on Wednesday and usually released on its web site at on Friday.  By moving it to Saturday in our schedule, we hear a fresh news report.

  • Please note that on EchoLink, we run with no timeout timer on the system so please see the EchoLink note elsewhere on this page.

Saturday, 6:30 PM:  Morse Code Class Net

Larry, WB7C hosts a net to teach Morse code over the 147.12 and 449.60 Repeater, with its own page for downloadable handouts and class information: Morse Code Class Net

This net was started May 25, and is in its first cycle of starting from scratch and progressing through a completion of learning the radiotelegraph code's 43 characters needed to pass FCC exams of yesteryear plus additional characters necessary for fluent Morse code communications.  The net will repeat this cycle starting from scratch throughout the year.  It is expected to become a little easier to conduct on subsequent cycles once the handout sheets are all produced.

The net will not run on Field Day Weekend, which is the fourth weekend in June, and will not run on Club Hamfest weekend in December.

Station Identification recommendations while operating in a net

Attention Net Participants:

It is good operating practice to identify during our first transmission.  The FCC requires station identification once every 10 minutes during communications and once at the end.

Some Net participants do not always comply with FCC requirements.  Violations occur when:

  • Bob, the net control calls you, and you say nothing more than "Good evening Bob, no traffic."
  • Bob is running a roll call: "... Good evening John; Larry, WB7C?"  "Hi Bob and the net."  Good to hear you again Larry; George, WD5XTR?"  More than ten minutes pass before Larry can make another transmission on the net.
  • Bob is running through the list the last time:  "WB7C, Larry, any further comments?  "No, I'm done.  Thanks for a good net!"  73 Larry, um, lost my place, oh.  WD5XTR?"
  • A violation occurs also if someone says nothing more than "Check-in" or "Comment" and is not recognized.

To avoid station identification violations on our nets, please do always include your call at the end of every transmission and avoid these examples.

On some nets it is NECESSARY to give your call on every transmission, simply because there are more than ten minutes between each of your transmissions.  A net with a roll call of 30 participants followed by late or missed check-ins, followed by "Round Two" for everyone to say something to the assembled group, can leave you waiting 20, 30, 40 minutes for your next turn to transmit.  This will leave you in violation once ten minutes has passed after your unidentified check-in acknowledgment transmission.

A national list of Ham Radio HF Nets - from

Ham Radio HF Nets (by N1YZ}

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