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Repeaters of the Superstition Amateur Radio Club
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Superstition Repeaters in Mesa

Superstition ARC Repeaters
Output (+/-) CTCSS Tone Access Link Info
147.12 + 162.2 Hz Full-Time to 449.60
449.60 - 100.0 Hz Full-Time to 147.12


The Stone Castle houses the 147.12 and 449.60 repeaters of the Superstition ARC.

Tone Access information

  • 449.60:  100 Hz
  • 147.12:  162.2 Hz

For folks with tone squelch-equipped transceivers:

Each repeater transmits an access tone on its output, same as the one required to get in.  This allows for tone squelch reception of the repeater, blocking unwanted intermod, noise and out-of-area repeaters.

The tone is set to 0.5 kHz deviation, and "cannot" be set any higher, according to the previous Technical Committee.  This tone level works well with newer transceivers, but older models may be unable to decode it reliably, causing audio drop-outs.  The user is forced to use carrier squelch reception instead.

It is our goal under the new Technical Committee to do the "impossible" task of setting tone levels properly, and have already set audio balance between the linked repeaters, a task that took no test equipment and less than one hour of our time.

Photos and a YouTube Video at the repeater site

Here are a couple of pages of photos from the repeater work done in March and April 2012.

Emergency backup power capability

At present, only the 147.12 has emergency battery backup, together with the controller.  We need to raise some funds to purchase new batteries to back-up the 449.60 repeater, as those batteries are dead and have been cut out of the circuit.

A 180-mile Round Trip on 147.12

Thursday night, March 22, 2007, during the club net, on a wet, rainy night, Jim, K9ARO was checked in to our net from out Wickenburg way.  He was a little south of the town of Wickenburg, about 90 miles northwest of the repeater in east Mesa.  Larry, WB7C noted the distance to the net, and said, "CQ Tucson," which is 90 miles southeast.  Don, KD7UIZ in central Tucson came back, and he and Jim were able to exchange words over the 180 miles between them, through the repeater.  Jim was running 5 watts from his RV, parked on some high ground, which was loud and clear, with some noise, but which started failing when rain hung out over the repeater site, raising static levels.  Meanwhile, Don's 100 watts was very strong into the repeater.

A chance to repeat:  Tucson to Congress

In March and April of 2012, We have had Al, WQ8R checking in to our nets from Congress, with a 13 element beam and 10 watts.  "Congress, AZ" is 84.7 miles northwest of the repeater site, and Al may be a slight bit closer than that, as his home is just off of the former US 89, now SR 89, just a bit north of Wickenburg.

With continued visits from Tucson on the repeater, it is possible to replicate a 180-mile round trip once again through the club repeater on 147.12!

Next up:  Details of Our Repeaters

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