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Superstition ARC Issues Thank-Yous to its volunteers in 2012

Starting in March, Steve Estes, KB7KWK, President of the Club, began framed certificates and thank-you cards to the club volunteers.  Here, below, are all of the photographs of each month's recipients of framed certificates.

A Big Thank-you is in order to Steve for pulling the membership together by recognizing the efforts of the workers among us.

March meeting

The Superstition ARC thanked its volunteers in the March 2012 meeting.  From left to right:  Bill Cawthorne, KF7SZT; Dave Muller, K7AV; Tom Miller, K8PNW.

In addition to these three who received framed certificates, several others were thanked with cards for their service to the club, including Gene, K8WQ and wife Jo, for their work in bringing the refreshments to the meeting.  Come to think of it though, I'm not sure they have been bring any jelly doughnuts, which would fall right in with what WB7TJD stands for:

We B(r)ought 7 Tasty Jelly Doughnuts!

Paul, AD7PD was issued a Thank-You card for all the effort he has put in to document the club repeater.  He has acquired hundreds of pages of the technical service manual that we were told did not exist when the previous technical committee turned over the keys.

The March Certificates in detail

The certificate reads:  "This certificate is awarded to Bill Cawthorne, KF7SZT for your help with club activities."

Bill, KF7SZT is our new Activities director, and he was awarded a plaque for, as a new ham and new member, he has taken the Activities Committee and run with it.

The certificate reads:  "This certificate is awarded to Dave Muller, K7AV, for all that you do for the club.  Thank you."

Dave, K7AV, also received one for doing above and beyond the call of duty.  He has the Treasurer's job, the Membership job, taken on the defunct newsletter and gotten it going again.  Dave is the one at the table by the prizes in the meeting, collecting dues, selling tickets and keeping the books in order.

Oh.  And he is one of the net control stations for the morning trivia DriveTime Net.

The certificate reads:"HELLO WORLD!  This certificate is awarded to Tom Miller, K8PNW, for all your help when someone asks."

Tom, K8PNW got one, just because he has been helpful anytime someone asks.  Tom, by the way can be found on, as K8PNW-7 riding his bicycle mobile or K8PNW-9 driving somewhere.

Tom is planning a 300-mile bicycle trip across from Lake Michigan to Lake St. Clair in the later part of June, and you can track his progress across Michigan.  He covers about 50 miles each day. Several others got thank-you cards at the March meeting for all that they do in the club.

Tom is fond of calling out "Hello World!" when he announces his presence on the repeater.

April meeting

The certificate reads:  "This certificate is awarded to Terry Ryan, KE7GRV

May meeting

The certificate was awarded to Gene, K8WQ and wife Jo Wilson, for their work in providing the doughnuts and coffee for our meeting breaks, together with their organizing the club Picnics, just to name a few of their contributions."

Unfortunately, the certificate cannot be read in this picture, and I hope to get a better copy.

June meeting

The certificate reads:  "This certificate is awarded to Paul Estes, AD7PD

July meeting

The certificate reads:  "This certificate is awarded to Jeff Harris, K2DFE

The club thanks its volunteers on March 20, 2012."

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