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East Mesa VE Team ham radio VE Testing schedule is, and has been for years, the third Monday of the month, twelve months out of the year.  In lieu of a list of dates that are found to be out-of-date the following year, I will state the following Rule-of-Thumb:
Exams are held on the third Monday of the Month, Evey month of the year.
The "Third Monday" is any Monday that has a calendar date later than the 14th and earlier than the 22nd.  Please accept our apology for failing to update our listed schedule as we enter a new year.


Mesa, Arizona, serving the East Valley

The East Mesa VE Team conducts scheduled ARRL-VEC-accredited amateur radio license exams thirteen times per year -- on the third Monday of every month plus a second exam session at the Superstition Hamfest swap meet on the first Saturday of December.  These exams are open to the public on a walk-in basis.

Additional special-needs exam sessions may be scheduled upon request, for shut-ins and handicapped people who cannot attend a session in the public setting.

Amateur Radio Testing offered to the public

ARRL-VEC exams in Mesa, Arizona
Tests Third Monday each month at 6 pm


Walk-in exams are held under ARRL/VEC at:

Mesa Utilities Main Office
640 North Mesa Drive
Mesa, AZ

See these Travel Directions for driving and mass transit directions to 640 N Mesa Drive.


Stevegurley1936@gmail.com (New address January 2014)
Phone:  (480) 478-9692  toll-free anywhere in the Phoenix area — For VE Testing info only, please call.

In order to receive a callback from the VE Team, you need to call from an unblocked phone.  If your phone is blocked, you can unblock it for this call only, by dialing "star-8-9" and then dialing the number.   The VE Team respects your privacy and will only use your phone number for returning your call.  Thanks in advance!

Driving Directions:

Take Mesa Drive north 2.5 miles from the Superstition Freeway (Exit 180) and cross University Drive.  The office is 0.3 miles north of University on the left, almost directly across from Royal Palms Drive. 


(Applicants Must:)

  • Have Photo I.D. and $15.00 test fee effective Jan 1, 2009 (exact change PLEASE).
    • Children without photo I.D. can obtain one at the MVD Driver's License Office.  It is similar to a driver license in appearance.  http://ServiceArizona.com for more details.
  • >Provide originals and submit copies of any license or CSCE.

Examination Elements, Available Licenses & Requirements


Amateur radio exams are offered to the public by teams of Volunteer Examiners accredited with a Volunteer Examiner Coordinator (VEC) (See FCC article on Licensing and VECs.  The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has set up a framework where Volunteer Examiner Coordinators work in liaison with the FCC, and coordinate testing sessions.  The VEC accredits licensed radio amateurs to serve as volunteer examiners (VEs).  These volunteers administer the license exams and coordinate their exam sessions through a VEC.  The American Radio Relay League (ARRL) is one of approximately 14 VECs, and probably the largest.

Examination elements currently offered:

This is a description of the examinations offered for amateur license upgrades and new licenses.  This section is updated to reflect the status as of February 23, 2007.

  1. Element 1 - Morse code examinations have been discontinued, and no amateur license requires proficiency in Morse code.
  2. Element 2 - Technician written exam.  35 questions, multiple-choice.  Requires 26 correct answers to pass.
  3. Element 3 - General written exam.  35 questions, multiple choice.  Requires 26 correct answers to pass.
  4. Element 4 - Amateur Extra written exam.  50 questions, multiple choice.  Requires 37 correct answers to pass

Written requirements to pass info taken from W5YI-VEC Web site posting of their VE manual.

Available licenses and their requirements:

This is a description of the licenses you can upgrade to, and what exams or exam credits you need to get them.

  1. Technician Class - Element 2
  2. General Class - Els. 2, 3
  3. Amateur Extra Class - Els. 2, 3, 4

Examination credits for licenses held:

This is a description of the examination credits held in your current class of license, that you can apply toward an upgrade of operator class.  Your license must be current or within its 2-year grace period to convey the examination credit, except where noted.

  • Novice Class - Currently held or expired license has no

examination credit.  Until recently, the Novice license held only Morse code credit.

  • Technician class license, current or within its grace period is good toward Element 2 exam credit
  • "Holders of a pre-March 21, 1987, Technician class license or CSCE who now hold

at least a Technician license may claim credit for a new General class license after April 15, 2000, without additional testing." -- ARRL Web site.  Must file paperwork and pay exam fee at a test session to upgrade to General.  This license carries Els. 2 and 3 exam credit.

"Starting April 15, 2000, individuals who qualified for the Technician class license prior to March 21, 1987, will be able to upgrade to General class by providing documentary proof to a Volunteer Examiner Coordinator, paying an application fee, and completing FCC Form 605." -- ARRL Web site

  • General Class - Els. 2, 3 exam credit
  • Advanced Class - Els. 2, 3 exam credit

See the links below for more information.

August 20, 2007 East Mesa Exam Session

Andrea Salt at age 10 is all smiles after passing her ham license exam!

This summer 2007 exam session had 37 candidates, one of the largest sessions in recent memory.  Steve, KY7W reports that there were approximately 20 new hams, with a total of 36 new or upgraded licenses.

The Salt family acquired two new amateur radio operators, with father Tom passing from no license to Amateur Extra, and his daughter Andrea, pictured left, all smiles and showing off her CSCE, passing her Technician license at age 10!

Thanks to James, KB7TBT, the photographer, and to Steve, KY7W for sending in the photo.  And thanks to Andrea's father Tom (10-1-2010), for continued permission to use Andrea's picture.

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