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THE First year of Lost Dutchman Days Special Event Station was February 2006 (W7W)
Created by the Superstition ARC under the callsign W7W, our inaugural running of what has become an annual event of the Superstition Amateur Radio Club was in the Superstition Mountain Museum for seven years, the last being February 2012, the year of Arizona's Centennial. The museum held some Arizona Centennial activities out in the front while we used W7W for the last time to celebrate both Lost Dutchman Days and Arizona's Centennial.

K7D in an 1880s Western town
In 2013, the club switched to K7D to continue uninterrupted the running of Lost Dutchman Days from Goldfield Ghost Town, an 1880s-style Western town, complete with Jail, Saloon, Hotel and Mercantile shop, dusty main street, hitching posts and daily shootouts. Goldfield Ghost Town is just a few miles further northeast out of Apache Junction, beyond the Museum, up State Route 88, the famous Apache Trail.

The famous Apache Trail
Flatiron Peak in the Superstition Mountains overlooks Lost Dutchman State Park and Goldfield Ghost Town, across the road from the park. Apache Trail continues up a steep winding path hugging the mountain slopes as it winds its way past Canyon Lake and Tortilla Flats, eventually arriving at Roosevelt Dam along the Salt River.


This year:  2015 Lost Dutchman Days Celebration's tenth running

Please see K7D on QRZ:  http://qrz.com/db/K7D  There you can see our operating schedule and frequencies. It was updated February 20, early Friday morning.

Here are the frequencies:


Depending on the Band Conditions,
K7D will be operated on one or more
of the frequencies listed below,.

Please look for us on or within
Plus-or-Minus 20 kHz of the
posted frequencies (MHz):

7. 205
14. 251
18. 141
21. 281
24. 941
28. 401

QSL information

QSL & Certificate Info

QSL Card Only:
Our QSL card is standard size. LetterĀ­-size SASE with your QSL.

Please QSL to:

K7D Lost Dutchman Legend
c/o Steve D Bowen, N7CPU
2050 E Balsam Ave
Mesa, AZ 85204

K7D history

Goldfield Ghost Town Pictures February 23 K7D

2007 W7W Pictures from Lost Dutchman Days

Larry, WD0AKX, has a slide show of our 2007 W7W Lost Dutchman Days special event operation at Superstition Mountain Museum on YouTube.

A few links

K7D Operator Guide

Directions to Goldfield Ghost Town

Directions get you to Our gathering spot February 22, 2014. For 2015, there is a small change in that other than handicapped will be asked to unload and then park in the general parking area.

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