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K7D Special Event celebration of Lost Dutchman Days, continuing the tradition

This year:  2014 Lost Dutchman Legend Celebration

Please see K7D on QRZ:  http://qrz.com/db/K7D  There you can see our operating schedule.

QSL & Certificate Info

QSL Card Only:  Our QSL card is an odd size.  We have the envelope to fit.  To receive our QSL card only, please send just a postage stamp and return address label with your QSL.

Certificate and QSL:  Please send a self-addressed, stamped large (6x9-inch) envelope with your QSL to receive our full-color Certificate and QSL card.

Please QSL to:

K7D Lost Dutchman Legend
c/o Steve D Bowen, N7CPU
2050 E Balsam Ave
Mesa, AZ 85204

2014 is our NINTH year of Celebrating Lost Dutchman Days!

There are two events asking for amateur radio support, one being the Lost Dutchman Marathon on Sunday, February 16, and the Superstition ARC celebration of the Lost Dutchman Legend using a special event call sign, K7D, on Saturday, February 22.


The Superstition Mountains will have a beauty all their own, most spectacular when one gets up close and personal with the mountains, as is the case at Lost Dutchman State Park, or the Goldfield Ghost Town across the highway from the park.

2013 K7D kickbacks from electronic QSL services

I learned that virtually all of our computer QSLs got bounced from 2013 because we did not have time written in for every contact we made on our paper logs.  We entered time for every third or so contact and if paper QSLs came in for those untimed contacts listing the time of contact, it generally could be found in the paper log easily enough to have taken place at around the stated time, and the QSL response was sent out.

We apologize for the electronic failure.

The Superstition Amateur Radio Club will again host the Lost Dutchman Days special event station under call sign K7D, between Thursday, February 20 and Saturday, February 22, 2014.

Our primary focus will be on Saturday, which will once again be out at the Goldfield Ghost Town, for the second year.

The city of Apache Junction sits at the western base of the mountains and about 35 miles east of downtown Phoenix.  The running of the Lost Dutchman Marathon on Sunday, February 16 kicks things off, with a week full of events, ending with the long-standing Lost Dutchman Days Parade on Saturday, February 22 in downtown Apache Junction, and our K7D event out northeast of town up State Route 88 that same day.

Operating Frequencies

We will use the following frequencies, plus-or-minus 20 kHz.  Listen for K7D on:

  • 14.325
  • 21.425
  • 28.470
  • 7.225

Additional potential frequencies:

  • 24.955
  • 18.135
  • 3.925

CW Frequencies:

  • 28.030
  • 24.899
  • 21.030
  • 14.030
  • 10.109
  • 7.030
  • 3.530

Digital frequencies: 28.045 24.915 21.045 14.045 10.115 7.045 3.545

147.12/449.60/KB7KWK-L EchoLink Linked Repeater system can be used for asking us where we are on HF.

Amateur radio support for the Marathon Sunday, February 16, 2014

We of the Superstition ARC placed our repeater system at the disposal of the Maricopa County Emergency Communications Group (MCECG) every year in support of the Lost Dutchman Marathon from early morning through mid-afternoon, and will again offer the repeater services on Sunday, February 16, 2014.

Marathon communications support involves stations posted at every mile along the 26-mile marathon route, reporting the lead male and female runners, and if needed, emergency communications involving injuries and traffic issues that need to be relayed to proper authorities. There is also a "Drag" station that follows the last runners on the course, and reports their positions so race officials can keep watch over them.

To sign up for the marathon, please visit the MCECG web site.

Previous Special Event celebrations of Lost Dutchman Days

The Superstition Amateur Radio Club has operated out of the Superstition Mountain Museum in past years, using the call sign W7W, beginning in 2006, last operating under that call in 2012.  There are some links to photographs and videos from our activities during those years.

In 2013, we switched to K7D and moved to the Goldfield Ghost Town, behind the church at the north end of town on February 23.

The Mayor of Goldfield Ghost Town suggested a better place than where we were originally looking, up on a hill and with many people around.  We might actually do more public contact during our K7D Special Event operation than we did at the museum as W7W in past years.

We do, however, need to tell the general public with better signage what we are doing.  Last year we had references to "K7D," whatever that is, and "ARRL," whatever that is.  We need to communicate with the public with some signage about this being an amateur radio station capable of communicating with people around the world using the call sign K7D, perhaps.

Goldfield Ghost Town Pictures February 23 K7D

2007 W7W Pictures from Lost Dutchman Days

Larry, WD0AKX, has a slide show of our 2007 W7W Lost Dutchman Days special event operation at Superstition Mountain Museum on YouTube.

A few links

K7D Operator Guide

Frequency Coordination Committee

Directions to Goldfield Ghost Town

Our gathering spot February 22, 2014.


The call sign K7D, which stands for K-7-Dutchman.

Silent Key Harold Newman, KD7VK was a spark plug in organizing past years' W7W Lost Dutchman events for the Superstition ARC, and we dedicate K7D in his honor.

Additional operations

In addition to the operations out at the Ghost Town as a group outing, we will also operate from members' homes, to make full use of K7D from the morning of Thursday, February 20 through till Saturday midnight Arizona Time.

In terms of UTC, we can run from 0701 UTC Thursday the 20th through 0700 UTC Sunday morning, February 23.

Frequency Coordination Committee

We will call upon the "FCC" to keep things straight.  People wishing to operate during the license period from their homes, mobile or from public locations, are urged to contact the committee and book the band they will use and when, and that information will appear on the Committee page referenced in the heading.

We can only run one K7D per mode per band, so we will work up a schedule; and then if someone wants to run a different band already assigned to another, then positive contact must be made with the other station to affirm that it is ok to switch frequencies.

If you want to work K7D, please contact Larry, WB7C at 480-986-2298.  Choice of band is first-come, first-served for the time period in question.

If you want to be a part of the committee, please also contact Larry.

QSL and Certificate Historical Information

Steve, KY7W in 2013 took one of his W7W QSL designs and reprinted it with K7D, on a high-gloss card stock, together with fitted envelopes, since the card is larger than the standard card.

Larry, WB7C took a Public Domain picture off of Wikipedia that was shot in Lost Dutchman State Park and made a beautiful 5x8 certificate that would fit in a 6x9 envelope.

The story of the Lost Dutchman is on the back of the QSL, and information about the Superstition Mountains themselves is going onto the certificate.

See also K7D on QRZ.

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