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Meeting Information for Club Meeting locations.


Club Meetings

2014 Club Meeting Information

General Membership Meetings

General Meeting Time:  Begins at 7:00 PM  (My thanks to K7HYK, who let me know of the missing time information.  Greatly appreciated!)

General Meeting Location

Mesa Utilities Office
640 N Mesa Dr
Mesa, AZ, 0.3 miles north of University Drive
  • Go to the main entrance and use the single glass door on the left, and go to the last room on the left at the end of the hall.
  • Restroom is on the right side of the hall just after entering the glass door.

General Meeting Schedule

  • 2014 club meeting dates and Programs:
    • Tuesday, Feb 18
    • Tuesday, Mar 18
    • Tuesday, Apr 15***
    • Tuesday, May 20
    • Tuesday, Jun 17
    • Tuesday, Jul 15***
    • Tuesday, Aug 19 -- Oscilloscopes
    • Tuesday, Sep 16
    • Tuesday, Oct 21
    • Tuesday, Nov 18 -- Junque Auction and Election

*** East Mesa VE Team's third-Monday test sessions usually fall the day before our meeting dates.  On these dates their test session falls on the following Monday.

  • Rule-of-thumb re-stated:  The third Tuesday meeting falls within a range of dates of which the earliest possible date is the 15th and the latest possible date is the 21st.

    The same applies for Third Monday License Exams:  The third Monday test session falls within a range of dates of which the earliest possible date is the 15th and the latest possible date is the 21st.

    On those occasions when the third Tuesday is at its earliest (the 15th), the third Monday will fall on the start of the following week.

2014 Christmas Dinner Information

Christmas Dinner

Christmas Dinner Location:

Golden Corral Restaurant
1868 N Power Rd
Mesa, AZ, just south of McKellips on the west side of Power

Christmas Dinner Date

Christmas Dinner is Tuesday, December 9, 2014 at 6:00 PM if all goes the same as before!

Board Meeting Location and Schedules

Board Meetings

Board Meeting Location

1809 E Baseline Road
Gilbert, AZ, 85233
Telephone (480) 926-2046

Black Bear Diner is in the southwest quadrant of Baseline and Gilbert Rd.

  • Meeting time is 6:30 PM
  • If planning to eat please arrive by 5:30 PM in order to not have food service interruptions during the meeting.
  • We have a separate room for our meeting.

Board Meeting Schedule

The Board meets on the second Tuesday of each month January through November, one week ahead of the General meeting dates listed above.

The 2014 Board

The information below now reflects 2014.

The 2014 Board


  • President: Steve Estes, KB7KWK
  • Vice Pres:  Steve Bowen, N7CPU
  • Secretary:  Larry Kuck, WB7C
  • Treasurer:  Douglas Mitchell, W7ADD


  • Paul Estes, AD7PD (Incumbent)
  • Bill Cawthorne, KF7SZT (Incumbent)
  • Ed Taggard, K7EDT  
  • Jeff Machesky, K7ZLX
  • Jeff Heinze, N7CCW
  • Alan Perysian, KD7TOM
  • JD Smaylis, KF7VOX

When we Incorporated under Arizona Law, the "Board of Directors" was inclusive of the officers.  In along about 2009, our Board went from having 5 Directors to having 7.

When we became a 501(c)3 nonprofit, Federal Law defines the Board of Directors as being the seven Directors, who represent the "Shareholders" while the Officers represent the "Management."  European Boards of Directors represent the "Employees" instead.  We have neither shareholders or employees, so our Board represents the membership.

My thanks to Steve Bowen, N7CPU for enlightening me with that piece of knowledge.  Accordingly, I have reorganized the headings on this list.

2014 Committees

2014 Club Committees
Superstition ARC Committees
Committee Committee Chair
1. Activities Committee Bill Cawthorne, KF7SZT
2. ARCA Delegate "Walt" Walters, N3BFO
3. ARCA Alternate Myrna Cross, KN7M
4. Communications Committee Sherry Peterson
5. Greeting Committee
Board members
meet and greet
incoming visitors to
General Membership
6. Hamfest Committee Dan Devlieger, KG7EOL
6. Health and Welfare Committee ???
7. Membership Committee Steve Bowen, N7CPU
8. Newsletter Editor Dave Muller, K7AV
9. Public Service Committee JD Smaylis, KF7VOX
10. Technical Committee Steve Bowen, N7CPU
11. Trustee, WB7TJD Steve Bowen, N7CPU
12. Youth Committee Nick Perysian, KG7EQC
13. Web Site Maintenance,
Larry Kuck, WB7C
14. Forum Site Maintenance,
Steve Bowen, N7CPU
15. Hamfest Site Maintenance,
Steve Bowen, N7CPU

Have I missed any committees?  See Larry, WB7C with info 480-986-2298.  Thanks!

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