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N7F Home Operation

FCC Chairman Steve Bowen, N7CPU will assign frequencies to those who want to run N7F from home.  The "FCC" refers to the "Frequency Coordination Committee."  Please check out the new Operator Guide.  It contains Steve's contact information for signing up!  A new PDF LOG SHEET was just done, too.

Be sure to set your PDF software to print at actual size for best results.  Adobe Reader's Print Dialog box contains the settings to print at actual size.  The log sheet has a half-inch margin on all sides when printed to actual size.

Here is the N7F Operating Schedule.  Let's get going and fill it up!


Falcon Field Open House Special Event Station

The Superstition ARC will run N7F Special Event Station in March to
commemorate the Falcon Field Open House on March 29, 2014.

The special event station will run from March 24, 2014 to April 5, 2014
with a schedule to be determined and the frequencies as listed below.

N7F Frequencies

Correction:  These frequencies were taken from the Lost Dutchman K7D operation, and the suggested 12-meter frequency of 24.955 was listed here as 24.995.  The 12-meter band runs 24.890 to 24.990 MHz, putting the suggested frequency on this page out-of band.  Correction has been applied below in bold.

The error went undiscovered until a printout of the page was made for use at the Falcon Field Open House event.  We apologize for the erroneous listing. -- WB7C

We will use the following frequencies, plus-or-minus 20 kHz. Listen for N7F on:

Phone: 28.470 - 21.425 - 18.135 - 14.325

Additional Potential frequencies: 24.955 - 7.225 - 3,925

CW: 28.030 - 24.899 - 21.030 - 14.030 - 10.109 - 7.030 - 3.530

Digital frequencies: 28.045 - 24.915 - 21.045 - 14.045 - 10.115 - 7.045 - 3.545

147.12/449.60/KB7KWK-L EchoLink Linked Repeater system can be used for spotting us

QSL Info

Please send all QSLs to:

N7F Falcon Field Special Event c/o Steve D Bowen, N7CPU 2050 E Balsam Ave Mesa, AZ 85204

N7F Callsign

The FAA refers to Mesa's Falcon Field as FFZ, as it refers to Phoenix Sky Harbor by the identifier PHX.

Our choice for call sign went with the letter N, for aircraft markings often resemble amateur radio call signs starting with N or NC.  Our choice for call sign was further settled on the letter F for "Falcon Field."

Come to think of it, we could have used N2F, as in "N plus two F's."  We used the numeral 7, however, native to Arizona call signs.

Some history of Falcon Field

The following was lifted from Wikipedia:

Falcon Field got its start prior to World War II, when Hollywood producer Leland Hayward and pilot John H. "Jack" Connelly founded Southwest Airways with funding from friends like Henry Fonda, Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, James Stewart, Hoagy Carmichael and others.  Southwest Airways operated two other airfields in Arizona -- Thunderbird Field No. 1 (now the site of Thunderbird School of Global Management) and Thunderbird Field No. 2 (now the site of Scottsdale Airport) -- to train pilots from China, Russia and 24 other Allied nations.  Falcon was to be Thunderbird Field III and would train British pilots.

But the British said they'd like the field to be named after one of their birds, and thus Falcon Field was opened as the No. 4 British Flying Training School (BFTS).  There were six BFTS airfields in the U.S., in Florida, Oklahoma, Texas, California and Arizona.

--Read the entire article on Wikipedia:  Falcon Field (Arizona)

See also the Falcon Field History (PDF) copied from the City of Mesa, Arizona web site.

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