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If you are not receiving email from the club

Send us an email to mailto:Communications@SuperstitionARC.org if you are receiving no email from the club, or it is coming in to the wrong address.


By Postal Mail:

By Email or Phone:


President Steve Estes, KB7KWK:
Send Email to the President

Vice President:

Vice President Jeff Machesky can be reached by way of mailto:VicePresident@SuperstitionnARC.org


Larry Kuck, WB7C 480-YUMA-AZ-8 (480-986-2298) and mailto:Secretary@SuperstitionARC.org


Douglas Mitchell, W7ADD mailto:Treasurer@SuperstitionARC.org



Please direct questions about membership to:

  • Membership Committee
  • Your single message will be sent to each member of the committee.
  • PLEASE use this committee address to report not receiving your newsletter, or receiving it at a wrong email address.

Newsletter Editor

Dave Muller, Editor.  Please see Articles needed! for contact info.



Web Site Corrections and Submissions, Reporting:

We now have three web sites, each under different management.

Web Site Admin:

Larry Kuck, WB7C
If you see any errors on wb7tjd.org,
PLEASE contact the Web Site Admin.
Your help is greatly appreciated!




[1] Larry, WB7C

If you see any errors on these pages,
PLEASE contact the Web Site Admin
found on Our Contact Page.
Your help is greatly appreciated!

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