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What is an "Elmer?"

An "Elmer" is someone in amateur radio who extends a helping hand to newcomers to our hobby.

Below is a list of people who have volunteered their time to answer questions or help in other ways, like help in programming your new radio, check out your new mobile installation with an SWR meter or antenna analyzer.

Superstition ARC Elmers list updated May 21, 2013

Superstition ARC Elmers
Steve Bowen  N7CPU   480-634-0067
  • Digital electronics, 4nec/eznec, digital interfacing, homebrew, repair, Troubleshooting, homebrew antennas, APRS, satellite, networking, Linux, Solaris, Windows, smc, boat anchor restoration, also spice modeling and simulation. ('Spice modeling' is computer modeling of a circuit.)
Larry Kuck WB7C 480-986-2298
  • VHF/UHF Mobile rig and HT programming, operating procedures, CW, 160 through 10 meters antennas, HF CW and SSB questions
David ‘Walt’ Walters N3BFO 480-357-7998
  • Fault isolation, HOA antennas, station setup, Antenna projects (wire), Linux, Kit assembly, HF digital
Terry Cross NK7T 480-969-8943
  • PSK-31
Brian Betz W7JET 480-201-9384
  • Digital Modes, Satellites, LOTW, EQSL
Terry Ryan KE7GRV 480-264-8395
  • Antennas, repair, theory, power supplies, test equipment, digital modes, Homebrew
John Jaques KD8PC 480-671-7912
  • Accesability, Blind access
Rick Willis WN2C 480-747-4541
  • Licensing, General Elmering, Hallicrafters

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The Elmer Program allows others to learn from your experience in radio programming, station setup, grounding and antennas, satellites, HF, VHF/UHF, FM, SSB, AM, CW, digital modes, operating procedures, and computer-related questions.

It does not cover automotive repairs, household maintenance, air conditioning issues not related to the installation of an amateur radio station.

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