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Membership page

Membership in the Superstition Amateur Radio Club is open to anyone with an interest in amateur radio.  Our meetings are open to the public and you are welcome to visit with us.

An Outline of what is here

There is a lot here that you can do.  You may:

To renew membership, you may use the Donate button ...

  • We do ask that you update us annually by filling out an application form in order that we may keep our records current.
  • We encourage you to join us on the air during our 2-meter or 10-meter nets.

The Dues

Our dues structure is as follows:

    • Single membership, One Year:  $0.00 - See below for details.
    • Full Membership:  $25.00 per year.
    • Family Membership:  $7.00 each additional club member in same household with one Full Member.  Typically $32.00 for family of two.
    • Student Membership:  $10.00 per year (All full-time students interested in amateur radio)
    • Full Life Membership:  $250.00
    • Total Family Life Membership:  $300.00
  1. Memberships are good for 12 months from the date of application.
  2. A copy of the Constitution and ByLaws are provided here on the site in PDF format.  You are encouraged to review the page About the Superstition Amateur Radio Club.
  3. Full and Student memberships receive the Club's Communicator newsletter sent in your E-Mail as a PDF file.  (Some computers require installation of additional free software to open PDF documents.)
  4. Life Membership receives one copy of the newsletter.

NEW HAMS:  FREE Membership

Newly-licensed hams can apply for a one-year free membership in the Superstition Amateur Radio Club, once you have obtained your call sign.

You can search the FCC database or Industry Canada database by name to obtain your license data.  These links go to articles on this site, with explanation of how to proceed on the government site search.

Your callsign will also appear on one day or so later.

If you earned either a US or Canadian Amateur Radio License, and were not a previous license holder, then you are entitled to one year's free membership from the date of issue on the U.S. Certificate of Successful Completion of Examination issued by the VE Team, or Canadian equivalent, expiring on the one year anniversary of the certificate.

  1. Scan your U.S. CSCE or Canadian equivalent certificate and email it together with your call sign to the Membership Committee as either a .jpeg, .jpg, .png or .pdf file.  Please do not send us a Windows bitmap (.bmp) file. Please do not submit an application for free membership without a call sign attached.  We reserve the right to delete free membership applications with no call sign.
  2. Please wait until your callsign appears in the FCC database (USA) or in Industry Canada Amateur Certificate Search then join electronically using this online application form.  In the Paypal field, enter 'NEW HAM'.  We will then verify your certificate and activate your newly established membership account.  Once again, we reserve the right to remove any application for free membership that does not contain an amateur radio call sign.

People who do not have a license or call sign may join the club, but not under this free membership offer to new hams.

Life Members need to File Paperwork Annually

We ask our Life Members to drop us an email to the Membership Committee to advise us of your current name, call, address, class of license, and optionally your telephone number.  I just went through this process in "renewing" my life membership for 2011.  I wrote a summary of my involvement in the club since 1976, which you may optionally do in your email.  This gives the newer members who are serving in the committee in any given year a little handle on the life experiences of their fellow members.

We want to do some re-working of our database search engine so that it does not report you as "expired," and you say, "Since when did my name appear in the obituary?"!

--Larry, WB7C

Life Members will not be removed from the membership roster; however, to remain on the active roster and to vote, Life Members must contact the membership committee via Email or via the club address, once a year, and upon request, provide their Life Membership Certificate to the Committee to keep their name on the active roster.

  1. Note, no Life Member will ever be denied the right to vote provided they are able to present evidence of their membership on election day.
  2. A Life member is defined as anyone who has paid dues pursuant to Article II of the By-Laws, or been voted in by the General Membership; and has received a certificate of Life Membership from the Club.

Verify Your Existing Membership Status

Verify Your Existing Membership Status
Enter Search Information
For Primary Account Holder

First Name (Optional) 
Last Name (Required) 

Use this form to verify your current membership status.

We will show Life Members as "expiring" at the start of the coming year, or as "expired" if we have not heard from you.  A better choice of words would be "inactive," but the computer programmer that set this up didn't think of that!  :)

To Renew a Membership — REVISED

Dave, K7AV asks that you NOT use the electronic Join form which creates a duplicate record in the database.  Instead, please mail your dues in, deliver them in person or use PayPal as follows:

  1. Use the "Donate" button to begin the process of sending in your dues via PayPal.
  2. In the Comments to Vendor Box, state that this is membership dues, then include the type of membership and your name.
  3. Enter the PayPal Confirmation Number in an email to the new Membership Committee, found on Our Contact Page.

You may, at your option, download and print the updated 2014 Membership application form (PDF document) and fill it out in advance for mailing or delivery in person.

Some computers require additional free software to open a PDF document.

To Join the Club

    • You may, at your option, download and print the updated 2014 Membership application form (PDF document) and fill it out in advance.
      • At the General Meeting, we ask that you pay with a check or money order ONLY, made payable to the Superstition Amateur Radio Club, so that we have a paper trail and you have a proof of payment.  We will enroll you on site.  (While it is our intentions to have someone at every meeting, things do happen and it is possible that you arrive and there is no one who can create a membership in the computer for you.)
      • Best times to handle the transaction during the meeting is before the meeting presentation, between 6:45 and 7:00 pm, or during the break between the Presentation and start of Business, about 7:45 to 8:00 pm.
      • The Meeting Information page contains links to a listing of all of the meetings of the club, together with directions to the meeting.

    • We save the best for last.  You can fill out an online application form here on the site, to join, and use PayPal to pay your membership dues.
  • Please see the article, Use of the PayPal Donate button on the site for some tips on how to make the best use of our PayPal button.


  1. Simply make the payment using PayPal on the Join-up form page and make a note of your PayPal Confirmation Number for the next step.
    1. Use the "Donate" button to begin the process of sending in your dues via PayPal.
    2. In the Comments to Vendor Box, state that this is membership dues, then include the type of membership and your name.
  2. Enter the PayPal Confirmation Number in the blue Join-up form.
  3. Once you've made the payment and filled out and submitted the form, you will INSTANTLY receive your membership ID number!  (All memberships are subject to review and approval by the Superstition Amateur Radio Club).  Your account will be given a valid expiration date from one year of payment (Except Life time applications) once payment is verified.

To get started, please go to the Join-up form.

If you see any errors on these pages,
PLEASE contact the Web Site Admin
found on Our Contact Page.
Your help is greatly appreciated!

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