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Noisy Feed — Every now and again we experience a noisy feed from the repeater here on the web site.

Steve, N7CPU reports there to be a dirty paging transmitter somewhere nearby in the vicinity of his home, and it is washing out the repeater reception on Steve's feed receiver.  It is not a continuous transmission, and is just infrequent enough to make it very difficult to track.

To reduce the pain of having a noisy feed playing while our visitors come to the site, the feed has been moved off the front page and to its new location at WB7TJD Repeater Feed.  The visitor may choose to open this link in a new window or new tab and listen to the repeater, and if the feed gets rough, he can close the window or tab.

ANNOUNCEMENT: — 2 Meter Side of the Repeater DISABLED

2 Meters has been shut down. I've noticed it is varying output power.
There is no sense in chancing destroying the PA in it, so it has been disabled until it can be pulled out.
Steve, N7CPU

All nets on 449.60 and EchoLink KB7KWK-L

During the repeater down-time noted above, please tune to the 449.60 repeater, and as always, the KB7KWK-L EchoLink node over your computer or smart phone.

Also, I encourage you to read the article about why, after the city of Mesa replaced the fence at the repeater site, we are experiencing interference from 107.1 FM.  The fence is rectifying and reradiating that very strong signal. We'll have to live with this until we get the new ground system in place, hopefully by the end of April.

-- Larry WB7C

Butter Braids Promotion Update

A Butter Braids fundraiser was introduced in the March meeting of the Club.  The Butter Braids product that people ordered in April will be delivered at 8 PM Tuesday night, May 20, at the club meeting.  They come frozen at minus 30 degrees from the Iowa bakery.  They need to be set out to thaw and rise, then baked per instructions that come with the package.

The order form was made available for download from the club web site and was turned in with payment at the April meeting.

The two people with the biggest orders were awarded a 2-meter and 220 MHz BaoFeng dual band hanheld transceiver.  They were Steve Estes, KB7KWK and JD Smaylis, KF7VOX.

Butter Braids is a fundraising tool used by many churches and other organizations.  They cannot be purchased in any store, or online direct from the bakery.

Our goal here was for you to sell as many Butter Braids as you could, turn the money in to the club together with the order, and pick them up at the next meeting,  You then distribute to your buyers.

Use of the PayPal Button to your advantage

Use of the PayPal Donate button on the site allows you to send in one payment transaction and specify how it is to be shared among club funds or your Dues.  Simply provide a breakdown of your contribution's destination(s) in the note to the vendor box.

Repeater Fund Drive

There is a fundraiser effort to meet a $2700 goal of new money for the repeater fund by August's meeting to allow us to perform some needed improvements to the repeater and the site.  Feel free to use the Donate button to contribute via PayPal, or tender your contribution by other means if you prefer.

Check the forum for the latest news

Go to for most breaking news, and there you can comment on and discuss what you see here or there.

News Pages

Visit News, News 2, News 3 and News 4.

There you will see news formerly found on this page and news that will be moved there after a short splash here.

N7F Falcon Field Open House Special Event Station call sign expired April 5

I am working on some pictures from our K7D in February and have more to prepare for post for N7F at the Falcon Field Open House.  I would have liked to get in some additional CW time on 40 meters, turned on the rig this morning and checked up on the dates, only to find it ended over 4 hours ago!  More at N7F and at N7F on QRZ.

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