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147.12 is on Usery Pass

As of today, the 147.12 is in service on Usery. We have some issues yet to be resolved. The new Bridgecomm equipment is very sensitive, and we are suffering desensitization by the transmitter with the use of our four-cavity duplexer. A six-cavity unit will resolve that issue, and should be in place within ten days to two weeks. Even with that issue, there are stations at some considerable distance reaching the repeater with low-power handy talkies.

We do not have much coverage to the south, including eastern East Mesa and Queen Creek, for there is geography due south of the site on the mountain in the form of another peak. Our Usery site just does no justice to the southern coverage area, but we are working on a solution to fix that. Our gap will be narrowed when we upgrade the duplexer and get rid of the desense.

  • What is desense? Desense is the term we use to refer to desensitization of a receiver by a nearby strong signal on another frequency. Our receiver's sensitivity drops every time the other signal is present, and weak stations on our frequency cannot be heard well.
    In our case, the repeater transmitter is killing its receiver's sensitivity, and causing a weak signal, that can be heard without the transmitter on, to be lost when the transmitter comes on. We may hear either a more-than-usually noisy signal, or a string of of kerchunk-beeps during the weak signal's transmission.

449.60 to the rescue

The old repeater is on the air at the Stone Castle, on 449.60. For now, it will serve to fill the areas missed by the 147.12. As we build our resources back up, we want to continue making improvements in our repeater coverage both in quantity, but especially in quality, which since a lightning strike, has been sadly lacking.

Notice to Gmail users:

Club members should be receiving email from, "Superstition Amateur Radio Club." Google is filing these outside of your Primary Gmail Inbox, in Promotions. We are showing up where you find Best Buy® or other commercial vendors' advertised offers. I rarely look in there myself, but Douglas, W7ADD just sent us on the Board a heads-up about Gmail.

You can open the Settings menu (gear circle) and select to configure inbox. Make sure that all starred messages will also appear in your main Inbox view by checking the last item there. You can also star any email message and it will appear also in your main view.

You can also add to your Contacts list. Google has rearranged the Contacts page to "put everything in one place" and it takes more time to open in a new window or tab. Adding us to your Contacts will keep us out of the junk folder or the spam folder.

If you are not receiving emails from the club

There's definitely something wrong if you are a member and are not receiving email from the club. There is the monthly newsletter and many reminders about activities. Write us at and John, WX4LTG will get it straightened out for you. Please see the note to Gmail users above, for our mail from is not being presented in your Primary Inbox that most of us are accustomed to looking at for everything important.

This web site being replaced soon

The WB7TJG Wiki is going to be upgraded to a new modern web site that will be user friendly on all Internet devices. We are happy to report that Daniel, K7HAA is home from the hospital, was in attendance of our last Board meeting, and has made some headway on the replacement site. It will be automated to reduce the amount of manual editing needed each month.

Adding such automation has been difficult in this wiki formatted site.

There are new standardized logos that should look good on any device, degrading gracefully to an outline with less detail on smaller screens. The site will rotate to be face-up no matter which way you position your mobile device, which goes 'way beyond my experience with web design. —Larry WB7C

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Superstition ARC Repeater System in Mesa, AZ

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