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Hamfest Outcome -- The Aftermath

We had an EXTREMELY good turnout at the December 6, 2014 SuperFest at MCC, and wish to thank several vendors for their participation and generous contribution of hourly prize drawings.

Specifically, RF Stuff, who contributed to our hourly drawings with a mag mount and two antennas, one a mobile and one a handheld antenna.  These were dual band VHF and UHF.

Specifically ICOM and Yaesu, who contributed many copies of the band plan, grid square maps of the United States, mouse pads, ball point pens, MFJ who provided several clocks and discounts on antenna analyzers, and an antenna book.

Thanks to Craig Carnahan and RF Gear 2 Go for discounts on main prizes.  My thanks to Dale, N7QJK for corrections.

Many folks received a couple of Yaesu hats, a Yaesu mouse pad, an MFJ clock, even a radio handy talkie, as well as a ham radio testing online package.  These and more prizes were sealed in a reasonably lightweight cube-shaped box.

Many folks stepped in in support of the club and expressed themselves to our leadership.  Such a refreshing outlook in the face of false rumors that our event is canceled, and boycotts!

We went through a boatload of grand prize tickets all morning long on one of the warmest overnights experienced in our history, and a cool cloudy day for most of it.

Our food vendor, a local bakery, really put on a feast, fresh-baked breakfast rolls, made from fresh-ground flour.  The Great Harvest Bread Company sold a cinnamon roll, only instead of cinnamon, it was filled with ham and cheese!  That was a most tasty breakfast!

Grand Prize winners

  • Jeff, W3MLC, of Gilbert, came back to the Hamfest to pick up his new Kenwood TS-480SAT.
  • KG7LTB won the Kenwood TM-V71A.
  • Dan, KG7EOL won the MFJ-269C
  • Lance, KW7LH came away with the West Mountain Radio Rigblaster Advantage.

Fox Hunts

Nick, KG7EQC at age ten, was in charge of the Hidden Transmitter Hunts, and we took a photo of the whiteboard to capture the winners of these two Fox Hunts.  I will post the winners as soon as I get that information.

That smart kid will hide the transmitter in his pocket and be walking around with it!


This latest round of corrections, thanks to the eagle eye of Steve, KB7KWK, and so I have listed all corrections to date in this section.

I had Dan, KG7EOL down as KG7EQL -- the O and the Q can be overlooked if I don't do a careful read.  To further complicate things, Dan's off by one letter as "KG7EQL," and Nick is off by one letter, correct call being KG7EQC and I got him as "KG7EQL" also.

Corrections are made in bold.  Early on when I posted this from memory, I had RF Stuff, of Congress, AZ misidentified as "RF Parts," and RF Gear 2 Go, of Mesa, AZ mislabeled as "RF Stuff To Go."  These corrections also are in Bold.

It was RF Stuff from Congress that contributed the hourly drawing prizes, a mobile dual band vertical, an HT dual band extended range antenna, and a small mag mount.

It was RF Gear 2 Go from Mesa that offered discounts on our main prizes.

Thank You

We thank both companies, and I thank both Dan, KG7EOL and Nick, KG7EQC for organizing the Hamfest (Dan), and for putting on the Fox Hunts (Nick).

I want to thank all the volunteers who stepped forward, and made this event a success.

I also want to thank Paul, AD7PD, who busted his tail for a year to organize Schnepf Farms for us as an alternative site.  He deserves a ton of respect for the countless hours that he put in to develop that idea, which seemed at the time to us all in the club leadership be a great concept.  It still is a great concept.

Out of Paul's concept, we got a good food vendor, excellent baked goods using fresh-ground flour every day.

Great Harvest Bread Co.
7730 E Warner Rd
Tempe, AZ 85284

Lastly, but not least, I want to thank all of the vendors who came, all of the people who came, and made this event a success.


Our many thanks to everyone who came!  Those people who held out missed one of our biggest hamfests in years!!

A look back

I found it -- a missing page that has not been linked recently to anything.  It is a page that I captured off the Wayback Machine from 1999.  A Look Back

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