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Droid Sans Mono Font with Slashed Zero

It is common practice in amateur radio to draw a slash through the numeral zero to distinguish it from the capital O, which on a typewriter can be done by typing a zero, backspacing and overwriting it with a slash.  But typewriters are hard to find these days, having been replaced by computers with word-processing software that allows correspondence to be written with corrections made before it is printed.  Fonts that come pre-installed on most computers fail to contain one with a slashed zero, and often contain one with a dotted zero that may be confused for an 8.

To the rescue comes a modified Droid Sans Mono, a sans-serif font that contains just enough serifs to help distinguish vertical stripes that may be a 1, capital I or lowercase L.  and your choice of slashed or dotted zero.

Find them at, second and third fonts down the page:

In this time of mourning -- Steve's (N7CPU) loss

We sadly report the loss of Steve Bowen's mother on Wednesday, August 27.

If you would like to help Steve with the expenses

Please see the article on a separate page here:Burial fund for Steve Bowen's mother

Four-Hour Repeater Site Work Party

Dennis, KA0/OBC was accompanied by Jeff, K7ZLX, Andy, KD4ABB, Jan, KA7ISV, and Steve, KB7KWK, as the crew placed a spectrum analyzer on the repeater and found the antenna and diplexer to be in good order.  Tweaking was done on the receiver front-end to bring 440 back to life and and to match audio levels on the repeaters.  The grounding system was completed inside the building.

Our thanks to everyone who jumped in and helped out on this project!  It has been a long road from one issue to another: first starting with a lightning strike and subsequent rebuild and eventual replacement of the two-meter machine, then a bad audio board that worked flawlessly until it was subjected to the desert heat at the site, its failure being the result of a manufacturing defect ─ its output transistor was never connected to the heat sink!  The 440 was tweaked by ear when there just wasn't time enough to round up a work crew and test equipment, and that, until today's work party, had left the 440 machine not as sensitive as we have been used to seeing.

This project was too much dependent on one man, who was willing, but unable to devote the time necessary because he was having to pay his bills too.  Our thanks to Steve, N7CPU, for stepping up when it seemed that no one else would, and to everyone else who did when he could no longer.  We are indeed a team and this repeater has to be a team effort.  Thank you!

2014 Arizona QSO Party begins October 11

Jeff, K2DFE and Brian W7JET, who reported a successful and fun Field Day in June, are planning a club outing nearby for the Arizona QSO Party, which runs from 9:00 AM through 11:00 PM Saturday, and from 7:00 AM through 5:00 PM Sunday, Arizona Time, October 11 and 12.

For complete Rules, please visit:

Superstition Amateur Radio Club Presents - SuperFest 2014

Superstition ARC SuperFest is returning to Mesa Community College in 2014.  Our SuperFest event will be on December 6, 2014 and run from 7:00 am to 2:00 pm.  Admission is $5.00 per person, children 12 and under are free.  One free hourly drawing ticked with each paid admission.

Tickets for our Grand Prize Raffle Drawing will be available at Club meetings, Special Events and new for 2014 from our SuperFest web site via PayPal.  Tickets are going fast so get yours today…

If you would like to purchase tickets or just need more information, just click on the link to visit our SuperFest 2014 web site.

Thanks – Dan DeVileger KG7EOL, SuperFest 2014 Chairman

Breakfasts moving

Steve, KY7W has announced that the Mesa Thursday and Saturday breakfasts are moving to Village Inn in the northeast quadrant of Dobson Rd and Southern Ave.

Thursday breakfast begins at 6 AM while the Saturday breakfast begins at 8 AM.

Repeater Status

Our repeater system is in good working order, with work having been done on August 30, 2014.

The repeaters are linked full-time.  They are hopefully as sensitive as they used to be, once again.

Use of the PayPal Button to your advantage

Use of the PayPal Donate button on the site allows you to send in one payment transaction and specify how it is to be shared among club funds or your Dues.  Simply provide a breakdown of your contribution's destination(s) in the note to the vendor box.

Repeater Fund Drive

There is a fundraiser effort to meet a $2700 goal of new money for the repeater fund by August's meeting to allow us to perform some needed improvements to the repeater and the site.  Feel free to use the Donate button to contribute via PayPal, or tender your contribution by other means if you prefer.

Check the forum for the latest news

Go to for most breaking news, and there you can comment on and discuss what you see here or there.

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