The Constitution and By-Laws

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The Governing Rules of the Superstition Amateur Radio Club

The Constitution and By-Laws, together with Robert's Rules of Order govern the proceedings in our club meetings.

Superstition Amateur Radio Club Constitution

Superstition Amateur Radio Club By-Laws

Robert's Rules of Order

The parliamentary process for the club's Board and General Business meetings are established by Robert's Rules of Order as Newly Revised except in the case where Robert's Rules conflict with established club laws.

  • ...  The 1915 Version of Roberts Rules of Order is freely available on the web and are released to the public Domain.  There may be slight variances between the Roberts Rules of Order Newly Revised and the original text; however, the original text can be freely distributed.  It should be used for REFERENCE ONLY.

Before I undertook this editing task, we only listed the "dot org" site that carries the full text of the 1915 version, but it may also carry the "as newly revised" version.  I will seek input from someone more informed about Robert's Rules and clean this section up accordingly. -- Webmaster

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