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The WB7TJD Wiki is the Web site of the Superstition Amateur Radio Club, Inc. of Mesa, Arizona.  The Wiki was founded in 2009 following a vote of the Membership in the September 2009 General Meeting of the club.

The Wiki concept allows for editing of the Web site by logged-in members, so that different people can be in charge of different parts of the Wiki.


Editing privileges

We have reserved editing privileges to people who have created an account and are logged in, using the links at the top right of any Wiki page.

Logging in and account creation

Creating an account and logging in are easily accomplished via the links above.  A logged-in user may edit his or her own user page and may contribute to the discussion and others' user pages throughout the Wiki.

Please note, that efforts to post spam links in our discussion and user pages will not get your links any publicity because these pages are not indexed by any search engines, and will only lead to a termination of log-in privileges.

Editing the Wiki

You must be both a member of the club and logged in to the Wiki with an account before you may be considered for editor status, and only editors may make revisions to the Wiki pages.  Your account will be manually upgraded to editor status upon request pursuant to policies set by the Board.


We have reserved editor privileges to members of the Superstition ARC who request editor status.  The club member must create a User account on the Wiki in order to be granted editor status.

As of the October 20 General Meeting of 2009, we have Larry, WB7C as Administrator and editor, Vincent, N1LQJ as A Unix Technical Advisor and editor, and Jerry, K7AZJ as an editor.

Further editor assignments will be placed on hold until the Board can discuss and set the policy.  This was to take place at the November 10 meeting, but Vincent was not able to attend and I don't know that it was brought up for discussion at that meeting.

Only Editors can edit the content of articles and create new pages on the Wiki.

Only the Administrator can assign Editor privileges to users' accounts, and will do so according to direction from the Board.

Navigating the Wiki


Click on the "SARC-ARRL" logo on the top left of any page to return to this page.  Or, click on any Main Page link to return to this page.


Use the key combination ALT+Shift+Z to return to the Main Page anywhere within the Wiki.